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3am Random Dream-induced Lyrics

...and she said I still think I might have Liked to have a try But this is really best - Not being perfect all the time And when I Close my eyes I can Still look up and See his face He's just something I can't erase. Funny thing that happens Somewhere further Down the… Continue reading 3am Random Dream-induced Lyrics

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I Have the Midnight Hues

Ankle deep in the Mist of my steadfast soul, I wait, Follow calm to the Shore of you Feel the spray of the White caps exploding At my feet, and I Wonder where you are tonight Under this shade of Midnight hues And candid blues As the brand new morning Paused long enough For us… Continue reading I Have the Midnight Hues

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You can be quiet

The sun slowed down and Took one last look over the horizon. It had had a long productive day and Could finally meander on to The other side. Meander. That's what my car did - Steady and slow like the sun. "I've been... feeling really quiet." My text whispered through the screen as I Wiped… Continue reading You can be quiet