To the Author Who is Writing Me

Sometimes I dream, if only on the page, of a Prairie running as far as the eye can see and a Stream - babbling and bouncing over rocks and roots and A sky made just for me Sometimes I flee a rain cloud overhead, all the while Wishing it would softly rain on me; That… Continue reading To the Author Who is Writing Me

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Playing Hide-and-Seek (my life story)

My life has been a long game of hide-and-seek with God. If you don't want to know my whole story, you should skip this blog. But if you want to find out why I love him so much, this is where you'll find out why.


Hold On

When you're struggling Like a clothesline in the wind With the weight of all you have Hanging on the line When you're running Like a freight-train-Friday night When what's behind you keeps on coming Up from behind When you're low down You're feeling lower than the floor now When all that's weighing on your heart… Continue reading Hold On

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Steadfast Heart

It takes a steadfast heart To linger when Its sole receiver Hasn't an idea That a sweet and Gentle waiting soul Has a heart of love To share with him It takes a steadfast faith To stay the course When its intend's heart Cries, aches, and bends And covers itself in 'pasts' And 'what-went-wrongs' While… Continue reading Steadfast Heart


Writing, Half-asleep

Sunlight barged in through half-opened blinds, without knocking. Nosey sun. I deep-blinked; then again. What was its business here so early - without bringing coffee, no less? People stirred in the house, the ice maker clanked and hummed. I began recalling the dream I was just awakened from. I vaguely remember darkness, a dying fire,… Continue reading Writing, Half-asleep

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Stand Your Ground

I think I know how David felt Holding an ordinary stone A poet's soul A warrior's stance As an army mocked his boast They stood and laughed But didn't know He'd faced lions, not alone But with the strength, with the help Of one mightier than those Face your giant, not with armor That the… Continue reading Stand Your Ground

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Pocket Full of Shoestrings

Some things in life go perfectly Some people find the perfect fit the first time I just seldom happen to be among the “some” Like new jeans… I hate those things First, you inch into one of the legs, and Do a kind of hop-step-jump into the other And shimmy and stretch them up and… Continue reading Pocket Full of Shoestrings