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Times of Resting

I’m a huge advocate of being in the Word daily. But I’m finding that this, too has seasons. I recently spent 6 months solidly in the Word and read the Bible through from cover to cover in that time.

Right now I’m in the Bible sporadically. This has been a hard season. But it’s a season of growth. Of separating fact from fiction, reality from hope, and truth from lies.

I’m slowly awakening from a slumber I put myself in to protect myself from a whole lot of trauma I’ve gone through in my life.

So right now, although I’m not in the Word, the Word is in me. And God is regularly bringing it to mind to teach me truths in this season.

These are times of resting in God. Of leaning back in his arms and allowing him to open up my heart like a skilled surgeon and do the repair work that needs to be done.

The patient doesn’t speak during surgery. Just rests.

So please don’t worry about my social media absence. I’m in good hands.


Mom. Word Nerd. Friend.

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