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Line After Line

As I lay here in the dark
I hear the low hum of the freight train
As it runs its nightly course outside of town
And I wonder where it’s going and I wonder where it’s been
Oh it’s quiet here when you are not around
And the humming of the whistle sounds eerily like your name
And I hold my breath until it travels by
If I listen long enough
I convince myself you feel the same
And you’ll be home quick as you can fly
But when it’s gone
I swear I hear you say goodbye
One more time

Sometimes I sit alone
In the comfort of my porch swing
With the comfort of half-tea-half-lemonade
And I hear the tender sound
Of the night winds start to sing
It reminds me of all
The memories we made
And I think about the laughter
And the quiet talks we shared
And I know it’s madness
To sit and think
That once upon a time
You deeply loved,
You really cared
It’s then I find
I’m running out of drink
And my sapphire eyes are on the slowest blink

Sometimes I sit and write
In the quiet of my bedroom
After everyone else has finally gone to bed
And I thank God for the night and the rising of the moon
It’s the only time I have to clear my head
This is the only place I have for working off your memory
As long as I keep writing I’ll be fine
But I wonder when I’ll be free of this pain
And how much more is in me
You must be stacked in every corner of my mind
Because I keep writing off your memory line after line
After line after line after line

From my book:

Daybreak In My Soul: Lyrical Reflections on Life and Love

(c) 2006 ISBN: 978-1-84728-994-0


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