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I Have the Midnight Hues

Ankle deep in the
Mist of my steadfast soul,
I wait,
Follow calm to the
Shore of you
Feel the spray of the
White caps exploding
At my feet, and I
Wonder where you are tonight
Under this shade of
Midnight hues
And candid blues
As the brand new morning
Paused long enough
For us to call,
One to another
Assorted voices clamor
For my focus
Crying out slow
“Come walk the rope that ties
Day to night.
Come balance your soul on this
Line of grey-blurred,
Sorrowed tears.”
And all at once I’m rescued.
Never knew I’d drowned
In reality til I
Surfaced – cold and alone
One careless glance
Swept the horizon
And caught me in its sight
I’m up, up, up
Schooner side and
Awake in its forecastle
Swaying side to side to side
Where will this rescue crew take me?
Home. Or to
Foreign lands?
Glasses in hand I climb
The mast,
And sweep the sea for the
Sight of land,
Of you,
Of us,
Of what is and what once was
Realizing at last that
Sight is the hope of the blind
Blindness is the bastion of love
And love is sustenance
For those who stand
And wait
Ankle deep in the
Mist of an unwavering soul


Mom. Word Nerd. Friend.

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