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My “word for the year” 2018 was “measure” or “measured”. I stopped making resolutions long ago. Instead, at the close of each year I look back at the last 365 and prayerfully consider what my “word” is for the next year.

When my spirit settled on this word I thought to myself: seriously? Then I shook my head and plunged into 2018.

I’m a word nerd kinda girl. So let’s look up some definitions.


At year-end I can look back and see why this was my word.

This year my Doctor did a biopsy and said that if I don’t take drastic measures such as surgery and working on my health and wellness, that the precancerous cells he found would become Cancer.

He measured the size of my uterus. It’s walls. It’s thickness. If he hadn’t, cancerous growth would still be happening.

At the hospital they measured my weight, blood, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, etc.

They did this to keep me alive during an extra long surgery during which they found and annihilated all Cancerous cells.


Post-surgery I found myself in a less scientific place with my word.

Since surgery was long, recovery was slow. I had to occupy my mind so I wouldn’t get depressed. I had to be slow and measured with everything. Getting out of bed, out of a chair, out of/into a car…everything.


This is the life-lesson this year: slow down, let people take care of you instead of always being the caretaker, learn to let someone else lead.

This doesn’t come naturally, but I am learning.

Psalm 46:10 is usually quoted:

Be still and know that I am God.

If you read the whole chapter you’ll see it is referring to war, and some translations say, “Stop fighting and know that I am God.”

I have got to stop fighting God and His timing and rest in the assurrance that He is in control.

I’m acutely aware that God is preparing me for a life change. I see this in some started, some mended, and other ended relationships this year. I see it in the way I approach my wellness plan. And I clearly see it in the direction God has me walking and in company with whom God has me walking.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord ’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

I get this. I trust God. So my current struggle is to measure my steps. I get one life. I don’t want to misstep here.

Dad always told me when we were doing construction projects,

“Measure twice. Cut once.”

It’s easier for me to run headlong into life and measure the damage later than to stop and take care of myself. But it’s so much better to measure twice, cut once.

Seems so simple. I am learning.

Final Thought

Lately, as I’ve been slowing down and taking life in stride, I’ve found a beautiful reminder of how to examine my days.

I find that each day has something in common – sunrise and sunset.

So these days I’m measuring my life not in the things that seem out of control (the chaos of the daily grind) and instead I’m measuring life in something only God can control:

I’m measuring my life in sunsets.

I don’t wanna miss a thing.


Mom. Word Nerd. Friend.

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