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End Credits

At the hem of day,
When Daylight hides its face
And a cacophony of
Cicadas and Katydids
Take over the soundtrack of
Commuters and car horns and
Playing children,
My last cup of decaf and I sit, and
Talk over the day.
It is in this moment, with the last
Reds and oranges still
Walking off the sky, stage left
That I get still enough to think.

And tonight was no different,
But it was, well, so different
Because, you see, I…
Found myself at the lake shore
Slipping on mossy stones and
Balancing my way to a better
Vantage point of the sunset,
The close of day, the
Final 15 degrees the sun treked and I
Sighed and called to mind something
Rare and beautiful.

Looking out over the water,
Suddenly I was 11 and
Sitting in the embrace of the bicep of the
Big Oak tree just off the back porch.
In a neighborhood of boys, I
Quickly learned to escape into
My mind and
Travel here and there and
Wonder back at my leisure.

Sometimes I would wander down
From my tree to the lake shore
Just across this same lake from
Where I sat tonight and
Just listen.
It’s funny what you
Hear when it’s that quiet.
First the lapping of the lake and then
A bird fluttering nearby and then
Cicadas and Bull Frogs and
The rustling of the wind
Through the Autumn grass.

But if you sit long enough and
Quiet your own voice
Along with nature’s symphony,
You can finally hear
Something that sounds like tranquility.

Close your eyes.
You can be anywhere.
Just try.
Quiet. Breathe deep.
It is in this deep abiding peace
Where I can rest,
Regroup, recharge,
It’s the place I hear the
Life beating in my chest and the
Gentlest whispers of the
Very Spirit of God.

Tonight I remembered that
Mossy rocks are slippery,
Katydids sing gloriously,
And the sound of the sunset is the
Prettiest song I’ve ever heard.


Mom. Word Nerd. Friend.

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