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It’s Beyond Me

Tonight I stared into a mix of

Yellowed, redded, oranged hues that

Danced before the horizon

And wondered, “where do they go?”

What happens to the light when it

Stumbles out of reach,

And leaves me standing, wondering

Whispering to the dark –

Come back…

Does it lose its light or simply

Remain intact, yet

Ceases to touch my face and, instead,

Reaches out to touch another?

Another hand, another face,

Another soul who is reaching out

Hoping to embrace the light.

How long before it moves on?

How long until that someone

On the other side of sunset

Calls out….

Come back…

And, like me, realizes that

The light keeps moving,

Keeps wandering,

Keeps being just one beat ahead.

Or is it my perspective that is flawed?

Is the light always in me and

I need the dark to

Appreciate, to understand,

To know the value of this light?

He didn’t have to

Separate light from darkness.

Our creator.

It was a choice.

He didn’t have to provide

A lesser light to govern the night.

It was a decision.

To show his beauty, his majesty,

To allow me to ponder and

Take pictures of and paint

And write the sunrise.

The sunset.

The moon in its phases.

To allow me rest.

To demonstrate his brilliance in

Creating creatures who would

Sync with creation in


I have no answers. Just curiosities.

How does the sun appear to move

15 degrees an hour?

Why is the earth’s rotation

Always so constant?

How do long and short

Scattered light rays

Create such beautiful

Optical illusions?

Sciency questions

That lead to one answer and that is:

Light provides life, love,

Enjoyment, beauty, awe,

Growth, and amazement.

So I’ll stop chasing and pondering

And begin enjoying being present

For every single sunset.


Mom. Word Nerd. Friend.

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