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The Way My Mind Works

I wish you could see inside
My mind when I look at the world.
Some people think words or
Are so lost in anxious thoughts
That they miss the simple moments
That matter.

My favorite color is the sun
When it sets –
When its long yellow and red rays
Reach back across the earth to tuck me in to dream,
While its softest blues and greens
Reach forward to
Bid good morning
To the other side of the world.

My mind doesn’t miss the
Graceful swish of a horse’s mane
As it raises its neck and
Stamps and stammers
To warn of an oncoming storm.

And my mind replays the meadow
Behind Nana’s grapevine fence
At the subtle moment when
The fireflies begin to flutter and sway
With the tall mountain grasses
In the moonlight.

For what have you got
With a mind full of news and
No room for a
Sunset’s embrace, or
A wild horse’s frolicking,
Or the dance of fireflies at dusk?

What is my heart without
The shush of the waves as they
Tumble and crash to the shore?

What is my life without the
First light of morning,
The song of a wood thrush,
The way the trees
Stretch and yawn, and wake up at the bidding of the breeze?

What I wouldn’t give for an
Unplugged morning and
A long winding walk
With the squirrels for companions
Where nothing matters but
The whisper of the wind,
The chill of the grass,
And the wonder of a crisp new day.


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2 thoughts on “The Way My Mind Works

  1. Your piece evokes strong feeling of both eagerness to pay attention in the moment, and a desire to live happily with the things you’ve grown to love. You can tell you’re passionate about both, and your describe them well, Thanks for sharing!

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