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Steadfast Heart

It takes a steadfast heart
To linger when
Its sole receiver
Hasn’t an idea
That a sweet and
Gentle waiting soul
Has a heart of love
To share with him

It takes a steadfast faith
To stay the course
When its intend’s heart
Cries, aches, and bends
And covers itself in ‘pasts’
And ‘what-went-wrongs’
While his ‘true’ love sits and waits
And comforts him

So she will wait
On the midnight of his soul
While in her heart
The sun dispels the gray
Until the Lord says,
‘Turn to him your heart.
I’ve molded his anew
As out of clay.’

In her days of waiting
She’ll prepare to be
One who’ll love his new heart

Melissa Fairchild (c) April 27, 2018


Mom. Word Nerd. Friend.

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