Lyrics, Lattes, and Life Lessons

Things That Go Bump In The Write

pexels-photo-414630.jpegOkay, so it is 7:13pm on a frigid April night in Texas. It was 32 degrees out this morning. Say what? Can’t the weather ever be consistent?

My laundry needs folding. My bed is not made. I NEED a Skinny Vanilla Latte (+ Gold Member Points). And this migraine in my head is all about that bass.

I’m starting a blog today, and I have hopes of writing more often, but I have a confession to make – I’m terrible at being consistent. With anything.

Just last month I threw away an old ratted-up key-tag from Planet Fitness (hey – I went 2 days last month), a Weight Watcher’s sticker book from 2012, and grocery coupons I carefully cut out and categorized that expired in 2003.

I have great intentions, but no good follow-through. Don’t get me wrong – I do have a plan to get up consistently at 5:05am to get ready to go to work, go through my morning routine, have my life-saving Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, and work my 8 hours (straight through lunch) so that I can get home, get my son to Martial Arts, and wind down the day. Until something changes. Anything. It could be that the commute was a little shorter or the line at Starbucks was a little longer. It could be that we were short a car around here and I had to take over carpool duty for the morning. Whatever. The thing is – something will change, and it will inevitably upset my whole consistent 3-day-long “dang-she-lives-a well-planned-out-life” stretch.

So here’s what I hope will change when I begin consistently writing about my life:

  • I will have a built-in, one-reader accountability partner. (If that’s you, Mom, I love you – and thanks.)
  • I will reduce my anxiety by sticking to a plan. Dad says, “Plan your work, work your plan.” He’s so good at this. Thanks, Dad.
  • My “Happy Planner” will be more useful because I will actually follow it instead of just adding cute sticker trackers that never get filled-in.
  • I’ll find myself in the gym more often, have folded laundry, and stick to my meal plans for family dinners.
  • I’ll find out that I’m not alone in my consistent inconsistencies and won’t feel so guilty for, well – everything.

One last thought. I’m actually really good at making sure other people have what they need when they need it. I encourage others and keep up friendships so consistently they probably secretly wish I’d take a vacation from my smartphone. But as I discussed with a friend this morning over (mediocre) coffee – I just wish I could make sure to treat myself as well as I treat others.

In lattes, as in life, keep it light & fluffy while standing tall & strong.



One thought on “I Desperately Need a Latte

  1. Someone should get you a coffee! 😉 I mean a Ko-fi! lol


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